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BLASTING, but with the  delicate touch!


Graffiti Removal:

The best way to combat graffiti is a quick and effective removal of it as soon as possible. Councils and private owners find SodaBlasting the best way to remove  unsightly and sometimes offensive graffiti.  The  concrete or brickwork or other substrate is completely unscathed by SodaBlasting and the residue can simply be washed away.  Removing graffiti within 24 hours or less is a big factor in preventing further incidents. The offenders may come back to hit the same area again, but after the second or third time of quick removal they feel it is a waste of their time and materials.


After-Fire Restoration:

SodaBlasting is extremely effective at removing fire and/or smoke damage both internally and externally. Soda is a natural deodoriser and works well at removing the smells that are associated with fire, smoke and mould as well as the physical deposits that are left. SodaBlasting will not scratch glass or damage any surface harder than the soda itself. This is very useful when removing fire/smoke damage from buildings where steel and glass feature heavily.


SodaBlasting in the Food Industry:

SodaBlasting is used in the food processing industry as an alternative to traditional cleaning systems. Food plants have many cleaning challenges such as heavy duty processing equipment, conveyor belts, plant floors and walls. Pressure washers do not effectively clean food contact surfaces; they simply act as a high impact rinse. Most scrub brushes and cleansers only partially clean the surface of equipment and require the use of harsh (and sometimes dangerous) chemicals. SodaBlasting, however, uses a harmless baking soda in a high-pressure machine to thoroughly clean any surface without damaging the substrate.



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