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Blasting boats with Sodium Bicarbonate is very gentle but the Soda is a very expensive media. Normally for removing antifouling from a GRP boat or paint from a steel boat ALUMINIUM SILICATO is most commonly uses. This give good results at a sensible price and speed, and in fact for steel boats it is needed to remove any rust or oxidation.

At Costa Blanca Yacht Services we mostly use Aluminium Silicato for cleaning the bottoms of boats to remove all the old antfouling back to the original gel coat.  This process is normally followed by the applicaton of Coppercoat but it is good for the health of the hull to remove the heavy build up of antifouling that appears on some older boats. The antifouling can trap water and contaminates close to the gel coat aiding the onset of osmosis.

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Steel hulled boats present different challenges to fibre glass. The steel is normally coated with several layers of epoxy primer to protect the metal from corrosion. Because sometimes corrosion begins from within the boats hull or under the protective layers of epoxy primer it is good at certain stages of a boats life to remove all the coatings on the hull to be able to inspect it and carry out any remedial repairs that may prevent catastrophic failure in the future. Our blasting system using Aluminium Silicate is perfect for this job as it is agressive enough to remove the layers of old paint yet gently enough not to cause damage to the good steel. Aluminium Silicate is particularly good at removing any oxidation and rust scale that may be there enabling a thorough inspection of the hull possible. Ask for a quotation for blasting back your hull now.