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Once the boat is lifted, pressure washed and shored up safely ashore we then make sure all seacocks are closed and then put on a plastic screen arround the boat to protect other boats nearby. We then blast off the antifouling from the hull using a conntrolled Micro Blasting machine which uses Aluminium Silicate to remove the layers of antifouling back to the gel coat. The process is highly controllable and our skilled operators can strip the antifouling from the surface without any damage to the gell coat and leave a finely abraded surface which is ready to accept the epoxy based Coppercoat.


After blasting the boat is washed to remove any dust or sand particles. The Coppercoat treatment can now begin. Firstly the skin fittings and any other metal parts under water, except propellrs and shafts, are give a thick coat of solvent free epoxy primer to pretect them from cathodic reaction with the Coppercoat. Then the process of applying the Coppercoat by short hairecd roller begins making sure that the paint is spread evenly and not too thickly. Once the full amount of Coppercoat calculated for the boat, normally 4 coats, is applied then any protectivve tape is removed and the boat left to dry for 3 days protecting the newly applied paint from rain or dew. After this the boat is again lifted in the travel lift for the support patches and the bottom of the keel to be stripped by hand and the painting repeated.  After a further 3 days drying for the pateches the boat is lightly abraded all over the Coppercoat to activate the copper and then relaunched.

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At Costa Blanca Yacht Services we have been treating boats with Coppercoat for 15 years. Our wide experience and close ties with the manufacturers gives us the opportunity to make sure that the right Coppercoat treatment is done for your boat to give the best longlasting results in antifouling. When properly applied Coppercoat will last 10 years or more and continue to give fouling protection year after year with only minimal maintenance.